There are so many ways to get involved...

  • Registration For New Members - New parishioners are invited to register at the Welcome Desk or at the Parish Office. Please contact us at 519.455.8624.
  • Communion To The Sick - Every Sunday, or by appointment. Wednesdays and Fridays at Kensington Village, Earl's Court and Henley Place seniors residence.
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - First Friday of each month
  • The Folk Choir celebrates the 9:00 am Sunday mass with modern music featuring guitar and piano.
  • The New Life Choir celebrates the 11:00 am Sunday mass with modern music featuring guitar and piano.
  • Ministers of the Eucharist - Auxiliary Ministers who distribute Communion at the Sunday Eucharist and who carry Communion to the sick and shut-ins of the parish. Currently, over 100 members of our parish participate in this ministry, having committed themselves to serve in this capacity for a five year term.
  • Ministers of the Word - Readers who proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other liturgies. Some lead the congregation in worship and prayer as commentators.
  • Altar Servers - Youth and adults who minister at the altar during Mass and other liturgies
  • Gift Bearers - Families, couples and groups who carry the gifts of bread and wine to the altar at the Sunday Eucharist.
  • Ushers - Men and women who serve at the Sunday Eucharist and other liturgies
  • Welcome Desk - People who each Sunday offer information about the services rendered in the parish.
  • Sanctuary Care - Ministers dedicated to prepare, decorate and clean all that is necessary for the worthy celebration of the liturgy
  • Bereavement Ministry - After the office is notified of a death or funeral, the Bereavement Ministry is contacted to meet with family to arrange some details of the funeral service.
  • Sick and Shut-Ins  - This group visits the sick and shut-ins of the parish. Eucharistic ministers distribute the Eucharist to them. Please contact the parish to arrange for visits.
  • St Vincent De Paul Society - This group ministers the spiritual and material needs of the poor, the sick and the lonely within the parish and its boundaries. The society meets on the second Monday of the month.
  • Sunday School - This program runs from mid-September to Pentecost at the Sunday, 9:00 am mass. Attendance is open to all children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1. Volunteers take turns teaching using the program and guidelines provided by the leaders.
  • Sacramental Team - The team provides preparation classes for Baptism, First Communion, First Penance and Confirmation.
  • Marriage Preparation Team - A week-end course is prepared for the couples who are planning to get married. 
  • RCIA - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a journey that initiates adults into the Catholic faith community.
  • Bible Study - The bible study group meets to gain insight into the Word of God. throughout the year.
  • Catholic Women's League - The C.W.L. offers women many opportunities to be involved in the service of our Church and our community. 
  • Knights of Columbus - The Knights of Columbus offers men many opportunities to be involved in the service of our Church and community.
  • Discalced Carmelite Secular Order - The Discalced Carmelite Secular Order community of the Infant Jesus meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month.
  • Parish Pastoral Council - The pastoral council advises and assists the Pastor in all areas related to the work of God in the community through the exercise of committed lay ministry.
  • Liturgy Committee - The liturgy committee coordinates our liturgies so that our parish liturgy is celebrated worthily and by all.
  • Money Counters - This group is responsible for tallying and depositing the Sunday collections.
  • Property Committee - This committee is responsible for property care and improvement of the parish property.
  • Finance Committee - This committee is responsible for parish financial matters.